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who we are

The Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was started in late 2006 in Suffolk County, New York.


At the time, many members still being active in their various Law Enforcement agencies, bonded together for a fresh concept of motorcycle riding and service to local community. Being aware of what some other riding clubs were involved in, we decided to offer an alternative.  The clear message was, "We will not skirt the line" between the outlaw image and Law Enforcement. This new group was a refreshing change from some clubs that were doing exactly that.


Our motto became "A Cut Above" because our general attitude was that of Law Enforcement with no blurred lines.  Our ranks swelled due to our commitment to upholding our pledge.  From our appearance and professional demeanor, when you come upon the Iron Shields in public, there is no mistake, we are Law Enforcement.  The Iron Shields enjoy a legitimate working relationship with Local, State and Federal Authorities.  We engage in programs with the United States Secret Service, one of these programs is called "Operation Safe Kids."  We have also been called upon by local Police Departments in assisting when a buffer was needed between the motorcycle community and local town residents.  Our commitment to serve has crossed over beyond our chosen profession.  We have traveled to places like Walter Reed Hospital and delivered much needed items to our wounded heroes and their families.  All this done while enjoying one of our favorite outlets, motorcycles.

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Our Club has expanded to other states. We now have chapters in New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania with more chapters on the way.


Although a relaxed but professional group, we may not be for everyone.  Some came in amongst us and attempted to loosen or change our values.  These people were roundly rejected and sent off.  The core mission is clear, we are professional Law Enforcement Officers who offer a safe haven for those who refuse to settle for groups who romanticize with criminal elements, real or imagined.  We do not affiliate with anyone or any group that operates outside the law or polite society.  Should a conflict arise, the MC hat comes off and the matter is handled strictly as a law enforcement issue.  In short, its hello and goodbye. 


At times the Iron Shields are called upon from the general public and law abiding clubs alike.  We continue to take an active part in parades, events and even at times, funeral escorts.  Some Chapters keep and maintain special vehicles for these occasions.  It is our professional background and training that makes us a first choice, when these groups need a professional touch.  Our members always carry themselves in a respectful and professional manner. 


Each State is represented by a State President . They represent their membership and share in all decision making for the Club as a whole.  A vast network has been established for interstate resource sharing in multi chapter events.  It is comforting to have all like minded people converge for events, without the worry of exposing yourself, family or career to any awkward or dangerous situations.  Our insignia or "Colors" represent all that is Law Enforcement.  The shield bearing the blue line is a symbol of strength.  The blue line is a symbol that there are boundaries never to be crossed.  The crossed pistols and motorcycle wheel are symbols of our proud profession.  We wear our American Flag on the front our garment, high above all else.  Members of the Iron Shields will never don any symbols that represent outlaw, anti American or inappropriate symbols.  We have and continue to enjoy a "Cut Above" reputation with Law Enforcement and the general public. 


We are not a politically correct organization.  We use language like GOD, Country then Self.  We respect most, but do not pay homage to Traitors, Sellouts, and Anarchists.  We respect our Constitution and believe it should be preserved and upheld.  We have been the front line for our neighbors, children, young and old.  We have defended and rendered aid to the sick and injured.  We respect our communities and love our VETS of yesterday and current.  We perform services for those who can’t help themselves.  We ask for nothing in return.  We are proud to say we are IRON SHIELDS LE MC MEMBERS. 


The Iron Shields Bylaws are modeled after that of the United States Constitution. Each Chapter President represents his or her State and ensures that their membership has a voice in matters concerning the Club as a whole.  Because strict uniformity is one of our corner stones, decisions are carefully weighed out and travel a path where the entire Club is afforded a chance to voice opinion.  Each State is allowed to grow and operate within their geographical area.  Each rank or position within the Iron Shields is recognized across State lines.  Each position enjoys a network of counterparts which share ideas and methods on serving the membership better.  This adds to the professionalism and uniformity.  If you feel that the Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club can offer you a home, either as an individual Chapter member or new State Chapter, feel free to contact us.  We will be more than happy to speak with you.


God Bless our Men and Women in uniform.

God Bless our United States of America.

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