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frequently asked questions

Is the Iron Shields Law Enforcement Club a 1%er Club​?

No, absolutely not.  Nor are we affiliated with any clubs that associate with a criminal element.  We are strictly law enforcement and will not tolerate and will expel any member who associates with such clubs.

What territories does the club claim?


None.  We encourage the development of law abiding motorcycle clubs.

Is the ISLEMC associated or a part of any other club?

No.  The ISLEMC is it's own entity operating under it's own non-profit status.


 Can women and minorities join the ISLEMC?

Absolutely!  You just need to meet our standard requirements of any member.  We encourage and currently have women and minorities in the club.  All are brothers and sisters.  We are law enforcement.

Will my family be involved in the club?

We welcome and encourage our member's families to participate in club functions, activities, and rides!  

Do I need to know the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America?

You bet.  The pledge of allegiance is recited and a prayer is typically said at the beginning of all chapter meetings.

Do I have to "Prospect" to join the club?

No, absolutely not.  However, you will be required to attend a certain number of rides and meetings prior to being considered to be added to any chapter.  The number of rides/meetings varies by chapter.

Is there any type of "Hazing" to join the club.

Although we're known to joke and have fun, no, there is absolutely not any hazing to enter the club.  We do poke fun and enjoy giving each other a hard time, and generally just having a good time!  We are Law Enforcement after all!

Does everyone who applies become a member?

Unfortunately not.  The ISLEMC has rules and standards that must be met.  Additionally, if we feel you won't be a good fit, based on character or reputation, you may be denied.  

What type of motorcycle must I ride to be in the club?

The ISLEMC supports all motorcycle types.  Many members ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, and some ride other makes and models.  All are welcome!

Where do I find the requirements for joining and to submit an application?


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