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The Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club operates in the following states listed above.

If you would like to join as an individual or potentially start a new sponsored chapter, please read our requirements below and if you're a good fit, please click the "Request to Join the ISLEMC" button at the bottom of this page.


Joining the Iron Shield LEMC is not a difficult process.  However, there are some basic requirements that must be met in order to join our club.  We evaluate each person wanting to join the club.  There are NO INITIATIONS or HAZING.

Some of our requirements:

Law Enforcement Requirements:

Currently employed as a state accredited police officer -or-
Honorably retired state accredited police officer -or-
Federal law enforcement officer with arrest powers -or-
Honorably retired federal law enforcement officer -or-
Reserve police officer that is currently accredited and employed by a state accredited police agency*.

Club Requirements:

Must attend club mandated number of meetings per year (varies by chapter).
Must participate in club mandated number of rides per year (varies by chapter).
* Special rules apply to reserve police officers.

Must be of good character and morals. 
Cannot be convicted of any crime.

Must exhibit characteristics that will represent our motorcycle club positively.
Must be community oriented and willing to help with charity events when necessary.
Must be respectful of club member's family and spouses, we are a family oriented club.
Must like to ride motorcycles!

And yes, there are yearly dues to support club functions (it's not very much and varies by chapter).

What you will receive:

​If accepted into the club, you will become part of our local and national law enforcement family. 
Our club supports each other and will embrace your family as our own.
We encourage our families to participate in rides, events, and get-togethers.
We have regular motorcycle rides and events planned, and we support the local communities that our chapters are located in.
We offer friendship, comradery, and fun through all our functions and events.

If you'd like to become a member of the Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, please choose a chapter above to fill out an application form.  You DO NOT need to know a current member to be accepted.  There are no initiations or hazings to join the club.  We accept men and women that meet our requirements equally.  

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