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ohio - lima

Corey Herren State President

Total Chapter Members:  


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ISLEMC 72dpi 3x3.jpg

Stan Hirt

 State / Chapter President 

Retired - New York City PD (Communications)

Wife - Michelle

Joined 2006

Club Nickname - N/A


2014 HD Street Gilde

Likes riding motorcycles and camping

ISLEMC 72dpi 3x3.jpg

Michael Gilmartin

 Vice President 

New York City PD (Lieutenant)

Wife - Debra

Joined 2012

Club Nickname - Grumpy


2016 HD Ultra Limited

Riding motorcycles, Golf  and absolutely love Social Gatherings

ISLEMC 72dpi 3x3.jpg

Chris Rocco

 Sergeant at Arms 

Retired - Nassau PD (Highway)

Wife - 

Joined 2009

Club Nickname - N/A


2020 BMW R1250GSA

Enjoys riding Motorcycles

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